Nokia 8 kernel source code is now open to public

Nokia 8, for you to remember, was launched way back in September 2017 with flagship qualities. Now, after its half anniversary is almost over, HMD Global has been kind enough to make the kernel source code of the device public. Hence by this, the unofficial development for the device is getting a new breath of life.

nokia 8 kernel source code is now open to public

The kernel source code release is not meant for the faint of heart. Hence, a normal user need not be thrilled as it’s all intended for tech-savvy developers. Without the source code, it could be a nightmare for the devs to compile custom kernels and recoveries for the device. Nevertheless, as the source code of Nokia 8 is now available, concerned developers can dwell through it for unearthing new kernel commits and codes.

In case if you don’t know. It’s mandatory for the Android smartphone makers to abide the law of GPL_v2. And release the kernel source code within 3 months of the concerned device’s launch. But, Since the world is no close to ideal, when it comes to the worst offenders of GPL_v2 in light to the timely release of kernel sources, Nokia and Xiaomi are more notorious. The firms alike, either take much time or not at all release the source code ever in the life-time, making the situation even worsen.

Well, the kernel source code of the Nokia 8 is around 126MB in size. If interested it can be download from the Nokia Open Source Release Centre by going through the source link.

He is so desperate to try Custom Roms such that tripped Knox of his brand new Galaxy within 24 Hrs of its purchase. Purely "flashaholic" and can torture his device to any extend for deadly customizations.


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