Nokia X Series Won’t Be Launched In The US And Some Countries


Jussi Nevanlinna, who is the Vice President of the Phone Marketing, recently announced that the three device in the Nokia X series won’t be launched in the United States, Canada, Korea and Japan.

X Series won't be launched in US

When the  phones were announced, they had only provided with the launch dates for the Europe, India, Latin America, and Middle East, and also Africa. And it was not certain whether or not the device would make their way to US or not. Nevanlinna said, “These are global products, which will be available pretty much everywhere except North America, Korea and Japan.”.

Well a obvious reason might be that, those low budget devices might be too less to exist and compete with other high end devices. The Nokia X would cost €89, the Nokia X+ €99 and the Nokia XL €109. Also he said that more Nokia X devices would be launching later this year, and the company is also trying to put the prices even down in the coming models.

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