Octagon-Shaped Smartphone Patent In Motorola Basket Now


So are you sucked up with rectangular shaped smartphones or devices? Than you need not to worry as Motorola’s Octagon- Shaped Smartphone Patent has been approved and now in future w’ll see Octagon shaped mobile devices.

Octagon-Shaped Smartphone Patent 6

Finally the Patent Office has approved Octagon Design for Smartphones patent. So now its considered that we’ll not see more court battles with Apple focused on smartphone and tablet design.

Burstein, a design patent expert at the University of Oklahoma quoted that the scope of Motorola’s design patent is more narrow than Apple’s infamous rounded rectangles patent. The “rounded octagon” patent is ready to roll and roll but we need to wait for some years in order to see it working.

So here’s one more patent for Google, Motorola and Android after many others like multi LED,etc. Checkout some more images of of approved patent design:

What you say it will be better than square shaped mobile devices? Share your views via comments.

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