Google Pixel 7 Pro gets exclusive camera features of Pixel 8 Pro via modified Google Camera APK

With a number of new photography capabilities, Google unveiled its Pixel 8 series at the Made By Google event in 2023. Certainly, several of these options, such as manual focus, shutter speed modifications, and ISO changes, are only available with the Pro model. However, it seems that Google is getting ready to push the exclusive features of Pixel 8 Pro to the other models too.

A tipster on X (formerly Twitter) shared a post revealing that she had received an early access update to the Google Camera and later she modified the app to get the exclusive camera features of Pixel 8 Pro on her Pixel 7 Pro. Consequently, she was able to enable the features on her smartphone.

Let us have a look at how it seems and works. The tipster has shared a thread that reveals the basics of the Pixel 7 Pro’s exclusive camera feature. Adding to the post, she wrote that these features turn out it fully working on any Tensor Pixel, from the 6 to the 7 Pro.

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Talking about the app, manual focus with focus peaking, switching between lenses, adjusting shutter speed, and altering ISO are some of the camera functions that the tipster was able to enable on the Pixel 7 Pro.

In case you did not know, with Google’s new focus peaking function, you can see what’s in focus before you take a picture by using highlighted lines. However, the tipster stated that her Pixel 7 Pro was only able to handle shutter speeds of up to 8 seconds, despite the camera UI showing 16 seconds unlike the Pixel 8 Pro, which allows you to set the shutter speed as high as 16 seconds without Night Sight.

In the Google Camera modified app on Pixel 7 Pro, the shutter speed and ISO can both be adjusted manually, or you may choose to change one of them while leaving the other one alone.

As the app is modified and currently in the early stage, the app may not perform stably. But, we will be able to see Pixel 8 Pro’s exclusive camera feature on other models and other brands in the future. The feature will be available for another smartphone as soon as the developers build a stable or beta version of the Google Camera latest version for any specific device.

Aditya Rasik
Aditya Rasik
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