Pink Galaxy S4 for UK In January


Christmas and the New Year shopping and the huge discounts offers have almost ended, and now is the time to focus on the next big event. The Valentine, the next big shopping discounts would be offered on the Valentine’s Day. And so as a result  a UK retailer, Phones4u is planning something different this time.

pink galaxy s4

They have announced that they would offering a Pink colored Samsung Galaxy S4 early in the next year, which we think should go off with the Valentine’s theme, as also the color supports it. They also have a White and Black and one more different blue shade for sale, and the company also claims that they have the widest range of the color options.

This pink colored Galaxy S4 will be available for a pre-order from early January 2014, with new contracts and deals. The phone would be free with a £33 contract on 3G data, and about r £38 for 4G data. Also you can choose from a number of carriers like E, Orange, Vodafone and also T-Mobile.

Also it Phones4u will be coming up with a Wireless Speaker, but they have not announced much details about it yet. Also there are more devices in Pink color, like the Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 Mini.



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