Plan B: Nokia Have 10000 Android Phones Prototypes


We all know that Nokia is testing Android Devices and many leaks are  flaunting the web these days. Now, Today we have new story that Nokia developed 10000 Android Phones Prototypes as the plan B if (when) they failed to get sales out of Windows Phone.

Nokia Android Lumia Mountain View

According to the source Nokia was working on a cheap Android phone codenamed “Mountain View” as a “Plan B”. Now question arising is that is that project still running or not?Yes its still running and Foxconn is still making more devices and development is on for it. According to the internal source its believed that if shareholders approve the Android Usage at General meeting in November then we will definately going to see Android device.

Above is the render of Lumia 1020 running Android but we know it seems not possible as Nokia is taken by Microsoft last month.

The device is rumored to have a dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor.

Nothing more is revealed as of now but stay connected with us for more.

Via: UnwiredView

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  1. Desirable but hard to believe: MS acquired Nokia so… The only way that NOK shareholders could even have a chance to approve that Plan “B” is that the acquisition doesn’t materialize for some reason.

  2. I don’t believe Nokia ever made an Android prototype. Sometime in 2012, they had an agreement with Microsoft that they wouldn’t make any handsets that don’t run WP8 and last month, Microsoft acquired Nokia.

  3. The sale to MS hasn’t gone through – significantly, the shareholders have to approve it in a mtg on 19 Nov. And the deal with MS doesn’t preclude sales of other devices (e.g., in Nov 2011 Nokia sold the N9, a MeeGo product). Of course I’m not privy to any details, but certainly that they could sell a run of N9s says there’s no blanket restriction.

  4. Wow, I’d consider a Nokia again if they release the Lumia with Android 4.4 or 4.3



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