Redacted Version of Apple- HTC Cross Licensing Deal Revealed


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Samsung has filed redacted version of Apple- HTC Cross Licensing Deal in US Court on Wednesday following a judge’s order. The heavily-redacted 140 pages documents were made part of the public record by way of Samsung for today’s hearing in their patent trial against Apple in California.

The portions of the document left unredacted show that both Apple and HTC are getting nonexclusive rights to certain number of the other’s patents, with Apple stating it will not sue over a number of HTC products. Those products remain secret, however, as all associated references to the devices were redacted.

As per the Apple-HTC agreement, the licenses do not include Apple’s design patents, according to a filing made with the District Court of Northern California.

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You can find the partially-blanked-out settlement over at the source link.

Source: AllThingsD


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