[Report] Nokia is Still Working on Android Based Lumia Phones


We were recently being bugged about Nokia experimenting with Android OS on their specialised Nokia phones. Codenamed : MView, was said to be booting Android OS on Lumia Phones. But it turns out that Nokia hasn’t still left the development part, as it seems that the program is on it’s way.

Nokia android phones

According to Chinese publication CTechnology, Nokia plans to continue the development of this Android smartphone at least until the acquisition is not approved by its shareholders. The shareholder meet is scheduled in November, where the ultimate decision would be taken for the future of Android based Lumia Phones.

The report also states that the Android phone is based on m 8225Q processor-powered Android prototype is currently going on at the Beijing R&D center of the company and contract-based device maker Foxconn has even delivered 10,000 units of this prototype to Nokia.

While it is said that Nokia shareholders will highly decline the offer, the company still doesn’t want to take any risk and continue with its previous plans. But if you want to see this dream come true, hope that the deal goes all right. But If it comes true, we may see the next big competitor and it will surely heat up the markets, as it will be one of those devices delivering the best battery life.

Are you waiting for Nokia Android Phone?

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