Report: Samsung and LG will mass produce flexible Displays this November


So here are we with the news of the Flexible Displays which are not yet in town but will be soon on our hands as Samsung and LG are reported to produce flexible displays at large scale by this coming November.

samsung flexible display

Well the displays have made us wait a lot as its been years listening about the rumors of the displays. But now we can have a peep into the future of the Flexible Displays which is near and is actual this time. So just get ready to set your hands on the much awaited flexible display to fit in a device.

The Korean outlet ETNews says that the Companies will collaborate on manufacturing the displays on a large scale but on a limited number mass production. While Samsung has managed to produce 1.5 million 5-6 inches panels alone and LG managed for about only 500,000 Displays under ideal condition.

The initial devices are expected not to be totally flexible but will be encapsulated within a rigid frame. The main benefit of these are that the Screen will never ever have a crack even if the case breaks and also they are much lighter and thinner than the glass based display panels. So here is the room where we can find endurance with durability empowered with a light and very slim device.


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