Samsung Display Assembled 300 Million AMOLED Panels


300 million AMOLED panels

Samsung has Assembled Total 300 Million AMOLED Panels till date. Samsung today outed report regarding completion of above figure panels. Samsung Started manufacturing AMOLED panels in 2007, when iPhone started developing. Company completed first 100 million mark nearly 5 years. After that Samsung started Galaxy Series and next 100 million took roughly 11 months. Now Samsung got Assembled last batch of 100 million, in just seven months. Samsung Says:

After six years of nearly constant production, we have achieved a monumental milestone in producing 300 million panels, which represents the vast majority of OLED panels produced during that time.Samsung Display will accelerate its leadership in OLED production by introducing the next generation OLED technology, including large-sized TV panels and flexible displays.

Last year company Manufactured OLED panels at rate of 1/ 5.4 second. Currently Samsung  occupies 98% of OLED market Share globally. So we hoping that Samsung would make this Display technology more energy sufficient.

Additionally, Samsung has announced various OLED powered TV at CES this month.

Are you one using Samsung AMOLED Display?

Source: Samsung Korea

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