Samsung Facing Problems In Production Of 441ppi Displays


samsung galaxy note 2

Last couple of weeks ago we posted about that Samsung is preparing 441pi displays for its Galaxy S series. But today report has arrived saying that Samsung has been facing problems in production of 441ppi displays due to lack of high end technology. In detail display production is facing problems because of the evaporation process technology that it uses.

Samsung Display is reportedly seeking more advanced LITI technology from 3M that will enable OLED materials to be printed on glass more smoothly.

But clearly the technology exists and I am sure it won’t be long before Samsung work out all the kinks. SO due to this delay we might not see this display fitted on Galaxy S IV.

Additionally, Samsung is also working on Flexible display which is rumored to hit CES this year.

Source: Digitimes 

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  1. Damn it Samsung you are the king of displays. Come on now. I will be expecting that 441pi display on the next Galaxy S device, be it phone or tablet… preferably a 10.1 inch tablet though.


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