Samsung’s Flexible AMOLED Got its Name – Youm


Interesting designs to come out of the South Korean company as they started of working on flexible Super AMOLED display last year. AMOLED technology which the Samsung intends to put into mass production some time this year, and now the company has decided to call the technology YOUM. With a name established and trademark filed in (along with WAMOLED, FAMOLED, PAMOLED, TAMOLED), this product seems to be right on track for its expected 2012 release. The differences between LCD and OLED/Youm are clear, but the only real difference between the latter two is the use of a film, instead of glass, as one of the layers. As can be read from the post on Samsung Mobile Display, Samsung characterizes YOUM as an “unbreakable” flexible display.

Source: Samsung Mobile Display
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