Samsung Galaxy F Image Surface, Has A Metal Back


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Some days ago, evleaks posted a photo online of what people claimed to be the Samsung Galaxy F ( also known as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime). But the image was of poor quality and did not let us have a good look at the device.

Recently, another image surfaced if the same device which gives us a far better look at the device. Nothing much is different in this device from its predecessor the Galaxy S5 except for the brushed metal back replacing the perforated leather on its back. The Galaxy F numbered G906 has a 5.2″ screen which is bigger than its predecessor. Also, the screen resolution has been clocked up to QHD and this version of the device also has faster LTE connectivity. The device will be powered by a Snapdragon 805 chipset.

The device was shipped to India for testing and evaluation purposes. Though there is no official confirmation to this, the device is expected to be out by end of June.

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