Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Could be Here Anytime


Samsung has been really dominating the Android market since the very beginning of the Galaxy series. And the moment of joy for the Galaxy Note users. The Galaxy Note 3 is here to drive you crazy. Now just throw away the old Galaxy Note as the new generation Note is here. Until according to rumors its suggested that upcoming Note 3 will be available in two versions, one will be the Wi-Fi version and the other will be the Wi-Fi + 3G version. You should be glad to know that it will run on the latest jelly bean firmware 4.2.2. It will supposedly boast an octa-core Exynos 5 processor which is pretty good and also there would be no lags on gaming too. Have a look at the specifications in detail below:


Specifications :

The tablet will be measured as 111X188X9mm in dimensions, which seems to be okay for a phablets nowadays. Also this device supposed to have 5.99-inch full-HD Super AMOLED display with a resolution  of about 1024X600 which would definitely make the colors appear vibrant the crispy images. Also there will be a decent battery backup in the device.Rumored to have a battery of about 4000mAh which we guys think would be enough to a abuse the tablet for the whole day, like hardcore gaming and watching movies and activities like surfing Internet via Wi-Fi.

The Wi – Fi variant would launch in the month of september and it weighs around 306 grams however the Wi-Fi variant of the device is a bit lighter than the regular 3G enabled Note 3. Reportedly it will consists a camera of 3 Megapixels and a front facing camera of about 1.3 Megapixel.

Coming to the memory, you again would have two options to go with, either you could go with 8GB or 16GB internal memory and also its expected to be expandable upto 64 GB via memory card. The decks seems to come with a 2 GB RAM and will also supports video calling and  and voice maintenance.

So these are some of the major specifications as according to rumors and reports of the new upcoming Galaxy Note 3. Coming to the price tag of the device Samsung hasn’t really unveiled anything about the price or device,  however it would be made clear on the global release of the device for sure, till then stay tuned to GoAndroid.



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