Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Hits AT&T and Sprint


As earlier the T-Mobiles launched their carrier version on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and now AT&T and Sprint has also started the sale of the present most hyped Android device.


For AT&T customers the company has provided a special 2 year plan at a fair price of $299 while for a 1 year contract it costs $549.9. Also for those who do not believe into carrier plans . AT&T has provided a per month $35 costing plan for 20 months which will be provided by AT&T Next.

While on the other hand Sprint has a 2 Year plan costing $349.99 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. There is a nice deal for new customers who are in mood to shift to Sprint. Yes for migrating any number to Sprint the device will be charged at $249 , which is exactly $100 less than the real price.

Which deal do you think is the best for you ! share with us in comments !

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