Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo now in Indonesia


An Indonesian retailer named as Indokom has made the Galaxy Note 3 Neo on sale,  with a price tag of $555.


Though the carrier has not yet specified whether the price mentioned above is for the hexa core  LTE+/3G version or the quad core did SIM version of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. However if we compare this price with Europe, it is comparatively lower also among the German and UK carriers. The LGE+ version is priced at $716 and the other version is priced at $675.

Though many day that the prices at the moment are inflated and they will come down shortly. As compared on the Indonesian carrier the Neo is about 23% cheaper than the Note 3. And going with the same calculation the price of the Neo comes out to be  £385 which is pretty reasonable and legit.

Additionally, Galaxy Note 3 Neo was launched few days after a spell of rumors on the web.



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