Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Will Feature Unbreakable And Flexible AMOLED Display


Samsung is preparing to announce Galaxy Note 3 in Q3 of 2013 which will be available in Q4 of this year along with Unbreakable And Flexible AMOLED Display. In exact, Samsung will announce it at IFA 2013 in September.


According to sources its revealed that Samsung Display will use plastic substrate so you can also call its as Plastic OLED Display with an LTPS active Matrix and RGB Patterns on it. Its Plastic Substrate will make it thinner, lighter and flexible.

Similar display was shown off by Samsung at CES 2013 in January and last year, the word ‘Youm Display‘ came into Samsung’s dictionary.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Display will come in curved form, as seen for a flexible display until now. Its size will vary from 5.9”~6.x” and obviously its weight will reduce some gms. Also see the diagram below to know size and dimension of the UBP display.

NOTE 3 unbreakable and flexible display

Earlier, in the past same thing was said about Samsung Galaxy S4’s display. Now we need to wait for half a year for its launch.

Guys what you say? Share your views about new UBP OLED via comments below.

Source: OLEDA


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