[Update: Fix for Galaxy S22 Ultra Image Darkening issue soon] Samsung Galaxy S22 Issues and Bugs Tracker

Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy S22 is one of the best flagship smartphones offered by the company. The brand delivers frequent updates to the series to keep the user experience elevated. However, despite that, the users are facing multiple issues that are not yet addressed. Here is a list of such Galaxy S22 series bugs and glitches that hinder the device’s performance. Also, we have tried to provide you with a potential resolution as well.

galaxy s22 bugs

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Bugs and Issues Tracker

[October 4, 2022]

Galaxy S22 Ultra Image Darkening Issue Fix Soon

There are multiple threads across Reddit and the Samsung Community regarding the Image Darkening issue on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, as per a recent conversation on the Samsung Korean Community, the fix for the same is in the works and shall be part of the next update rolling out this month for the device.

[September 06, 2022]

Galaxy S22 Ultra HDR Issue

The Korean Giant is going to fix the Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera HDR issue in the next update. As per an official from Samsung Community, the new update will fix all Camera HDR-related issues on the smartphone. You can know more it here.

  • Battery issues

    Galaxy S22 Ultra users are complaining about abnormal battery drain where the battery percentages drop extremely quickly sometimes. Likewise, sometimes, the phone’s fast or wireless charging does not work as expected. There are several threads on the Samsung community with the same issue.


    • To overcome the battery draining issue, disabling location permissions for Bixby Voice has helped some users. The location permission always asks for a continuous data connection which could discharge the phone more quickly. To do this, visit the “Permission usage” section under the Settings app.
    • For the slow charging issue, look out if the ‘Samsung Thermal Guardian’ feature is limiting the charging speed.
    • Make sure that you choose the right charger for your phone as the series does not ship with a charger out of the box. Using an older Samsung charger or the wrong third-party wired or wireless charger, even with the correct charging speed can cause a problem.
  • WiFi issues

    Samsung Galaxy S22 has a periodical Wi-Fi connectivity issue where the user remains connected to a router, but the phone displays that it’s not getting Internet. The device then tends to switch back to mobile data until it automatically recovers itself, or maybe never. Well, until the company resolves the glitch with future developments, here’s what you can do


    • Make sure that the router is running on its latest firmware.
    • Try disconnecting and reconnecting your Wi-Fi directly or put the phone in Airplane mode.
    • You can also attempt to reboot the whole phone.
    • Reset the network settings via Settings > General management > Reset network settings.
    • Turn off 802.11r fast roam on your router for a long-lasting solution. You can turn it back on later when Samsung updates the phone’s software.

  • App issues

    As per some reports, the stock apps and third-party apps on the Galaxy S22 series start freezing sometimes. Moreover, these apps may get laggy or perform show slow performance.


    • Try to uninstall and reinstall the targeted app or any recently installed or updated app.
    • Clear the app cache. To do so, go to Settings > Apps > open the problematic app > Storage > Clear cache and Clear data.
    • Boot the phone in Safe Mode. For this, turn off the phone and press and hold the power button until the phone’s model name and model number pop up. Thereafter, release the power button and press and hold the volume down button until the phone fully restarts. You can now see the Safe Mode at the bottom left corner.


  • Android Auto issues

    Those who own Galaxy S22 might face an issue where they are unable to run Android Auto on their car. Sometimes, only a blank screen is displayed, or it can take a couple of minutes to show up with options. Although, the problem is more consistent with Android Auto Wireless users.


    • Try to uninstall and reinstall the targeted app or any recently installed or updated app.
    • Try to uninstall and reinstall the targeted app or any recently installed or updated app.
    • If you use the Smart Switch App, you can try to uninstall and reinstall it. Also, try force-stopping, and clearing cache & app data. To do so, visit Settings > Apps > Android Auto.
    • Delete the car connection from your phone and re-connect to Android Auto. In case you’re using wireless, set up a wired connection first.
  • Camera issues

    There are a few camera problems that Galaxy S22 users face. Firstly, some users can’t access the camera settings. It opens for a second before automatically closing. While other users are seeing the “camera failed” error. Also, there is noticeable camera shutter lag when taking photos. Moreover, the Ultra model seems to have an HDR issue where the dynamic range can be limited at times. Sometimes as well, Snapchat’s front camera fails to work.


    • To open the camera settings successfully, go to Settings > Developer Options and disable the Don’t keep activities option.
    • Clear the app data and cache. Go to Settings > Apps > Camera > Storage and tap on Clear data and Clear cache.
    • To avoid shutter lag, stick to the Expert Raw mode until an official fix rolls out. However, images may take a little longer to process.
    • To get Snapchat’s front camera to start working again, try clearing the cache of the Snapchat app, restarting the device, and clearing the cache again. Alternatively, you can try logging out, restarting, and logging in back again. After logging out, you can remove camera permissions and give the access back once you’ve logged back in.


  • GPS issues

    The Galaxy S22 users are complaining about the lost GPS signal while using navigation apps such as Google Maps. All they can see is that the phone is “searching for networks.”


    • Samsung says that the issue is under treatment and it is working on fixing them through a software update. In the meantime, regular troubleshooting methods like switching on and off the phone can temporarily resolve the glitch.


  • Performance issues

    Apart from the non-working apps and features, the Galaxy S22 sometimes lacks performance as well. This includes multiple issues, including the fingerprint scanner not working, getting stuck on the lock screen, audio lag, and more.


    • The screen protector can cause the fingerprint scanner failure problem. You can remove the screen protector, and see if the bug is gone. If the guard is alright, delete all existing fingerprints and go through the setup again. You can also add the same finger multiple times.
    • Increase the touch sensitivity of your phone. For this, visit Settings > Display > Touch sensitivity and toggle it.
    • To get your phone out of the freezer lock screen, a soft reset can temporarily resolve the situation. All you have to do is press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button together for around 10 seconds. However, a permanent fix by the company is still awaited.


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These are some prominent Galaxy S22 issues and bugs, we will keep updating the thread with new issues and fixes as they arrive. Make sure to Bookmark this thread if you’re a proud owner of the device or a enthusiast like us.
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