Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Vs Sony Xperia SP


Here is the comparison  between the two recently launched phones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Xperia SP from Sony. Below is the carried out comparison carried out purely on the specification of the two phones. Have a look at these.Both the phones are the high end phones, and we can call them high end, as the specifications and they really have got decent processors, of 1.7GHz quad core. Also both the phones have an 8 megapixel of camera.

s4 mini vs xperia sp

So most of the specifications of the phones are almost the same, so on might get confused about which to choose from the two. But do not worry, GoAndroid comes to the rescue, have a look at some of the reasons by which you could choose either phone over the other, i.e, some pros and cons of each pof the phone over the other.

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Reasons to Consider Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini:

Here are the reasons to consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini over the Sony Xperia SP.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, has a Dual SIM functionality that offers more flexible usability to the phone. On the other hand the Xperia SP supports a Micro SIM only.
  • The S4 Mini is slightly slimmer than the Xperia SP. It is 8.9mm while the Xperia SP is 10mm thick.
  • The display of S4 Mini is SUPER AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, while the Xperia SP has a TFT capacitive touchscreen. So the S4 mini’s display will be more vibrant than the SP’s display.
  • It is comparatively lighter. The S4 mini weighs around 107g, while the Xperia SP weighs 155g.
  • The RAM is more on the S4 Mini. The S4 Mini comes in two versions, one with 1.5GB of RAM and the other with 2GB of RAM. While the Xperia SP only comes with 1GB of RAM.
  • The front facing camera of the S4 Mini is better than the Xperia SP. It has 1.9MP while the front facing camera on the SP is VGA.
  • S4 Mini is running on the Jelly Bean v4.2.2, while the SP runs on the Jelly Bean v4.1. However this is not a big difference as the updates would roll out soon.
  • it has a better and new version of the GPU. S4 Mini has Adreno 325, while the Sp has Adreno 305.

Reasons to Consider the Xperia SP:

Here are the reasons to consider the Xperia SP over the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

  • The resolution of the display on Xperia SP is better than that of S4 Mini. It has a resolution of 720X1280 pixels while the S4 mini has a resolution of 540X960 pixels.
  • The pixel density is better on the SP as compared to S4 mini, it has 319 ppi, while the S4 mini has 256 ppi.
  • The internal memory on the device is more. However on Paper they both have 8Gb if internal memory, still on Xperia SP 5.8 GB is user available, while on the S4 only 5GB is user available.
  • The camera has better gestures like the sweep panorama and image stabilization.
  • The battery backup is a lot better than that of S4 Mini as it has a 2370 mAh battery while the S4 mini only has a 1900 mAh of battery. Though the battery o the SP is non removable. 

If you figure out any other point, that we did not mention above in the post, do comment below.



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