Samsung Galaxy S4’s firmware To Get LoJack


The Samsung has been constantly working to make their phones more safe so that there are no security issues. But its new partnership with Absolute Software,  they are going to embed a theft recovery system in the default firmware of the latest smartphone by the company the Samsung Galaxy S4.

LoJack for Android would launch exclusively on S4 and so as to fulfill Samsung quest to launch the most secure smartphone in the market to make a great impact. The app is definitely better than all those apps which are available today allow you to find the phone’s location via GPS and also clearing the content on the phone.

In addition to the above features this app has much more and that is what makes it impressive. The app has a new feature in which the specialists would work to get your phone back to you  by tracking down the thieves. However there is no guarantee to that  but still the concept seems good, already other apps do not even claim this. So one can expect alt from this app when it comes to secure your device and make it theft proof.

Subscription for LoJack for one year would be around 30 USD per year,  however there has been no  official announcement yet.

SOURCE: Absolute Software 


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