No Samsung Galaxy S5 Premium?


When the Galaxy S5 leaks were coming, we got to hear a lot about many things such as the iris scanner and much more. And among those leaks one leak was that the Galaxy S5 would be launching a premium version of the device .

Samsung Galaxy S5 Premium

Andc after the disappointment seeing the Galaxy S5 we did have a hope that things would get better once Samsung releases the so much talked about,  premium version of S5. But unfortunately Samsung CEO JK Shin had denied the fact that the company is going to release a premium version of the Galaxy S5. He said all the rumors about the premium version are wrong and also said the company would rather be coming up with the next Note device, which is pretty much obvious.

But if we talk about what JK Shin said was that there would be no premium galaxy  S5, but he did not said that there would  be no  device with premium metal finish. And going by the reports the so called premium Galaxy S5 would be named as Galaxy F. Things are still uncertain, and we can’t actually say anything concrete at the point of time. What so you think about the premium galaxy S5?


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