Samsung Galaxy S6 Users Can Uninstall Unwanted Apps

In Samsung Galaxy series till now, pre installed applications by Google and Samsung itself were non removable. However users could uninstall the updates for these per installed applications but couldn’t remove these applications from their Android Device. Screenshots posted on XDA forums suggest that in Samsung Galaxy S6, users can uninstall or remove preinstalled apps as well. Minus sign on the top of  preinstalled applications in the device suggests that users can either hide these applications or could completely remove them from users device. Lets take a look at these pics posted on XDA Forums.


Google apps like Gmail, Google+, Google, Play Music, Play Movies & TV and Play Games and Samsung’s pre-installed apps like S Voice , S Health sometimes are unwanted to user and result in unwanted space occupation , often irritate the user. To improve this, company has given option to remove and hide these application from device. Users can always re install these applications when needed. Google’s applications will be available for download from Google’s play store, Microsoft’s apps from its market and Samsung’s pre installed apps can always be downloaded from Galaxy Apps marketplace.


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