Samsung IFA 2013 Teaser Video Out Now, Features Aliens


Samsung has outed its IFA 2013 teaser video which features aliens. By watching the video below we can now change Samsung’s video quite attractive and to recall Samsung’s motto “Designed for Humans”, well, now one can actually say, “Designed By Aliens” as well.

Aliens are in the Samsung’s laboratories, we learn in the video, the true inspiration behind Sammy’s technology is none other than aliens. Instead of teasing about the Note 3 or Gear in the footage, Samsung has pictured some aliens working in the lab. Oh wow!!

So guys are you ready for speculated GEAR smartwatch, New Note 3 and Much More from Samsung’s side? (nothing is confirmed). We are looking forward to Samsung’s press event later this week, it looks like Samsung will have a new range of interesting devices to launch.

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