Samsung and LG to Adopt Sapphire Displays?


Apple has been putting in huge sums of money to obtain Sapphire displays for its upcoming iPhone 6. Sapphire coatings are the same coatings watchmakers use to keep the dials and faces of watches scratch-resistant.

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And if rumors are to be believed, Samsung and LG too have decided to adopt the Sapphire-coated displays for their upcoming smartphones. The news comes from inside sources from Samsung and LG in Korea, who also tell us that the two smartphone giants have been contacting Sapphire-glass manufacturers to acquire some samples for displays. It has also been rumored that the two smartphone manufacturers looked into the Sapphire displays last year too, but the idea was dropped due to increased smartphone costs.

So will the two Korean smartphone giants adopt the Sapphire displays and increase the costs of their upcoming smartphones? Apple products have been well known to be somewhat overpriced, but will android phone makers too adopt this and increase the costs?


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