Samsung New Wearables Timeline: ‘stretchable’ AMOLED


So here’s Samsung opened its magic box about its future plans. Samsung’s New Wearable products timeline is live now and we can estimate when we are getting new wearable devices with Bended, Foldable and Stretchable AMOLED displays.

samsung wearable timeline

Samsung has started its Flexible AMOLED Journey from this year with Samsung Galaxy Round and wearable tech with Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Similarly in 2015 Samsung will come with wearable health related products. Samsung is saying that “wearable monitor to measure bodily functions, heart rate, blood pressure, physical activity, walking speed, steps taken, calories burned, weather conditions, fitness training, and activity data.”

Further in 2018, “…we will stretch our goal to achieve ‘stretchable’ AMOLED, which might enable us to enter the fashion market,” by Dr Kinam Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Display. All we will get is stretchable, bendable and Foldable AMOLED by 2018 from Samsung.

VIA: SamMobile

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