Samsung Note 3 Low on Battery? Well Here is a Solution


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is really a powerful device, but to drive that giant you would be needing an powerhouse too. Samsung by default put in a 3200 mAh of battery into it. The battery works decently, but there might be some addicted users, who almost use all power within all house, by consistently browsing Internet, Making 3G calls, playing games etc etc.


So if the default 3200 mAh battery just proves out to be less for you, here is a monster battery pack for your Note 3 that will let you go along all the day, no matter what you do with your device. Like browsing internet all day long, playing games, and exploiting it all day, and battery would still have enough power.

Mugen has released a 6500 mAh of giant battery for the giant itself, as they believe the default battery isn’t capable of driving the phone for the addicts.Now also note that the battery developed by Mugen is slightly thicker than that of the battery out in by Samsung, so they also developed a Custom Back Cover, so that it would ft in easily too. Black and White colors are available for the back cover.

The battery tests show that the Battery by Mugen make the Note 3 last about 2.03 times longer than the Samsung Battery. it also comes with NFC chip integration, so you wouldn’t loose connectivity in your quest to get the ultimate battery backup for your Note 3.

The battery and the back cover are priced at $98.50 on Mugen Power’s website. And it would arrive as soon as December 6.


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