Once Again Samsung Beats Apple in Customer Satisfaction survey


One of the greatest rivalries, Samsung vs Apple just like other classic rivalries are very interesting to watch and observe. Often there are patents disputes, clashes with one another’s device or some other copyright infringement. And the best part to watch is Apple and Samsung taking on each other at the courts. Last year, there was a more bitter clash over patents which ultimately made losses to both the companies. But relatively, to that year this year there hasn’t much to be heard upon.Despite patents check out what survey says: Samsung Beats Apple.


Perhaps after Steve Job’s death, Apple is on a downfall against Android and Samsung, first it was the Tablet sector and then it is the customer satisfactory, where once again Samsung has got the edge over Apple. Samsung’s two devices had managed to get the edge over Apple’s 3 devices.

In a study conducted by  American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Note 2 both have managed to get an impressive 84 out of 100, whereas iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S, both of which scored 82, and the iPhone 4, which scored 81. The report revealed that the two factors leading to Samsung’s win was : larger Screen and Price.

One of the main fact of the survey was it was taken just before the launch of SGS4, which might prove why it did’t make into the list.  The survey may not affect Apple fans, who are unsurprisingly found to be more loyal to brand than Android users are. But it might make a difference or impact in the market trends.

Recently USPTO has turned down the Apple’s claim on ‘multi touch patent’.

Source: Forbes


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