Samsung Patents A Circular Display Smartwatch

Samsung is also coming with Circular shaped Smartwatch?


Samsung patents a lot of technology every year and last year Samsung filed three new patents. As Samsung introduces various varieties of devices to the market, here’s one more of its kind.


It do not assures to say that Samsung is copying yet another design from another manufacturer because this patent was filed last August before there was any mention of Android Wear or Moto 360. It can act as an alternative to Moto 360 if Samsung launch a smartwatch using this patent.

While Samsung is scheduled to launch a Wearable device which could run on Android Wear ecosystem that also facilitates the gesture-based interactions. The patent filings reveal a gesture-based navigation and inclusion of optical sensor on wristband.


Recently some patents filed by Samsung were spotted at United States Patents and Trademarks Office revealing possible smartwatch with circular screen. The fact is that it has been highlighted that smartwatches is needed to be connected to smartphones or tablet to show income notifications and all.


It has been suggested by rumours that Samsung may launch new smartwatch as early as next month. Also, it resembles to Moto 360 which ensures the watch could run Android instead of Tizen. It describes features such as camera, custom gesture controls that probably won’t be a part of Android and this one is running on Samsung in-house OS.

Thus, more details will be revealed only after smartwatch will be launched by Samsung patents.

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