Samsung Predicts That With Every 10 Galaxy Note 3 Sales They Will Sell 2-3 Galaxy Gear Watch


Back in 2011, when Samsung unveiled their first-of-a-kind phablet, not many of folks would have seen the great potential behind it, and most of the tech enthusiasts would have a laugh after hearing the word “Phablet. Call it a luck or brand power, the Note was soon a masterpiece device with record-breaking sales on Samsung’s Merit. Samsung has been very successful throughout advertising their gizmos be it phone or TV, they are just the King of it.


Now Samsung hopes to carry on the same track record with the newest Smartwatch in the town, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Well Samsung Galaxy Gear is not the first smartwatch, but with Samsung’s branding we might see folks rushing in to buy the awesome watch.

Samsung is realistically predicting a 20-30-percent of Galaxy Note 3 sales for its Galaxy gear, especially since the Gear currently only works on Samsung smartphones with Android 4.3, which means the Galaxy Note 3, and soon the Note 2 and Galaxy S3 & S4. Well, there are some folks who would love to catch the taste of the device first, who would surely buy it out as soon as it is on Sale.

However the Samsung Galaxy Gear is so limited at the current stage, that Samsung stated that it would eventually work out with other devices later in the future, which is a better option.

According to Juniper Research, only one million Galaxy Gears will be sold the first year and the market for the smartwatch will only grow from there.  Android holds the most of the pie, and inturn Samsung has most of the pie in the Android sector. As Samsung updates their current phones ranging from Note 2 to SGS4 to Android 4.3, Samsung would automatically get some of Galaxy Gear users from there. And with the unveiling with some of the best apps to the platform, would surely help them to get users attracted to it.

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