Samsung Q3 2013 Report Posts Profit Of $9.4 Billion


Samsung is on the rise while HTC is still lagging despite launch of HTC One device. Well, leave comparison, here’s news that Samsung Q3 2013 profits have surged to $9.4 Billion which is the highest in a quarter.

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The company is estimating approximately 59 trillion won (around $53.9 billion) in total revenue, with operating profit coming in at about 10.1 trillion won (roughly $9.4 billion). Last quarter it raised the profits of $8.6 billion.

Countries like India, China and other Middle east Nations are the main cause behind the Samsung’s record profit mark. Most of the profits are contributed by the middle level and low end devices.

Currently Samsung has not outed its full earnings report later this month, which will give us a better idea of whether the company is still raking in cash from its smartphone business.

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Source: WSJ


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