Samsung to Release Gadgets with Folding Displays by 2015


Seems like Folding Display and technology is the next big thing for Samsung. Samsung also shared it’s ambition through the eyes of Youm display earlier this year at CES 2013. Though we admit that LG gets the pie for bringing up world’s first flexible phone. But, Samsung gets one step ahead; and now wants to implement the technology in day-to-day gadgets.

samsung folding

Samsung noted in their first analyst day in 8 years that it is planning to bring on fold able gadgets to consumers somewhere near 2015. The Company hasn’t noted anything else yet.

Phablets, curved phones, wearable devices, flexible phones, fold able phones. These are the five areas where Samsung folks are trying to implement the technology, noted Samsung CEO Kwon Oh-hyun.

To remind you, Samsung recently unveiled their first curved smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Round in South Korea. Though it’s not fully curved in functionality, this can be the building blocks for the success in near future. But, by looking at the rate of current developments nothing can be say for sure!

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