Samsung Rigged Galaxy Note 3


Again, Samsung has been caught rigging Galaxy Note 3 benchmarks by 20% rise in scores. Last couple of months ago same thing was happened with Galaxy S4 but later Samsung denied any rigging on its flagship device.

galaxy note 3

Now, Arstechnica has reported the rigging on Galaxy Note 3. As according to them When running popular benchmark apps, Samsung’s latest phablet quietly enables a special high-speed mode, which leads to the top position in the benchmark apps.

Guys over Arstechnica compared it with the LG G2 which features the same 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor but the Note 3 marks very real distinction between benchmark apps and regular software. After checking what’s going on? They got to the conclusion and explained that after detecting the benchmark apps, it kicks into a consistent 2.3GHz mode — the phone’s highest possible CPU speed — that lets it achieve abnormally high scores.

Samsung really doing it?

So what you guys think? Share your views via the comments below.

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