Samsung funded Smart Shoe “IOFIT” to be Launch at MWC 2016

Salted Venture is all set to Unveil its Smartshoe IOFIT at MWC 2016. Till now the focus is only at latest Smartphones for the various Companies and now with the news of first smart shoe IOFIT is to be unveiled at MWC 2016 is exciting.

iofit smart shoe

Moreover, IOFIT is one of the first Startup to spun out of Samsung in 2015. However, Samsung continues to fund its development.

IOFIT has sensors embedded in each shoe to serve up real-time insights, such as the amount of force being used by an athlete on various parts of the foot — information that can help determine balance, center of gravity, and weight shift, among other things. By this much of information available on you Phone or Tablet you can correct your exercising posture.

Moreover, According to some speculations the washable smart shoes should offer around 7 – 10 days battery life with support for wireless charging. The built-in battery also knows when the shoes are not in use to help preserve battery life.

“We don’t want people to just buy our shoes for functionality. We also want them to feel proud when they wear our shoes in public,”

We hear on GoAndroid thinks that IOFIT will open all new field of Smartshoes in which all the companies will manufacture their products in future. See the video below to understand more about the IOFIT

Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh
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