Samsung To Show Off 5.5 inch Flexible SmartPhone At CES 2013



Samsung is coming to CES with two flexible display devices. According to CNET among two Flexible displays one will be 5.5  incher flexible AMOLED display Smartphone and other one will of 55 inch television. The AMOLED screen allegedly has a 1280 x 720-pixel resolution and will likely be used in Samsung’s future smartphones and, possibly, tablets.

Last year also Samsung displayed 4.4 inch flexible display but his time hey are coming with two big flexible displays.

In past some recent months we have heard many rumors and reports saying about Samsung Flexible Display. Also Samsung has been rumored to be implementing a flexible, unbreakable display in the Samsung Galaxy S4 due early next year.

So now eyes are on CES 2013 and our all questions and queries will be answered there.


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