Samsung working on Explosion proof Flexible battery


I have been facing problems with my battery after rooting my Android device, Swelling, catching fires, and exploding all the way round. So for this Samsung has actually thought over time and now is developing on a new flexible, Explode proof and fire proof battery for a better tomorrow for smartphones.


Samsung has been working on a new type of Solid state batteries which will never catch fire and are explosion free. Samsung has planned to replace the electrolyte of the battery which is liquid in today’s batteries to solid electrolyte in the new developed batteries.

The Batteries are expected to be out in market by 2015 as rumored. The battery will be made more optimized for more battery backup. he best part that we have as a benefit of these solid batteries is that we can module these into any shape possible and then these become the most usable accessories in flexible smartphones which will be more advanced than Galaxy Round.


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