Samsung Working Hard To Fix Exynos Vulnerability



Samsung has been working hard to fix Exynos vulnerability which was found by user at XDA some couple of days ago. Today Samsung stated that they are aware of the issue and plans to provide a software update “as quickly as possible.”

Samsung outs first official statement regarding this to Android Central:

“Samsung is aware of the potential security issue related to the Exynos processor and plans to provide a software update to address it as quickly as possible.

The issue may arise only when a malicious application is operated on the affected devices; however, this does not affect most devices operating credible and authenticated applications.

Samsung will continue to closely monitor the situation until the software fix has been made available to all affected mobile devices.”

Currently all devices running on Exynos particular model are vulnerable to this exploit. The vulnerability has the capacity to give the app total control over a device’s RAM, letting it completely run the device. The Galaxy Note 2, as well as international versions of the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3, are found to be vulnerable thus far.

Source: Android Central


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