Samsung’s Android Browser now Supports Ad blocking Features

Samsung updates its Android browser with a new API through which developers will be able to build ad blocking extensions for the browser. Samsung issued this update as the company wants the users to use its Android Browser rather than go to others on its Smartphones. People goes to the other browsers because Samsung Android Browser doesn’t provides the features which the browsers like Google Chrome, UC Browser, etc gives.

samsung android browser

“Samsung is rolling content blocking out to hundreds of millions of Android users with an over-the-air update and they’ve partnered with us to again make Adblock Fast the first free and first open-source ad blocker on this platform,” said the team on its website.

With New Update you’ll be able to block ads by installing a content blocking software that takes advantage of the new API. One such tool is Adblock Fast, which is claiming to be the first free open-source ad blocker for the browser. Adblock Fast is free to install and open source, and already boasts 200,000 users across the various platforms like iOS, Chrome, etc.

Company claims that Adblock Fast for Android runs just seven optimized filtering rules as on other platforms and, as a result, webpages in Android load an average of 51% faster according to our benchmarks.

[vc_message]The Update is currently rolling on the Samsung Smartphones which runs on Android Lollipop and above.[/vc_message]

Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh
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