Samsung’s Flexible Displays Coming In Q1 of 2013



According to report from Wall Street Journal, Samsung is going to launch Flexible Display which will ultimately result into unbreakable, flexible mobile devices. Samsung is now going to put these display in Mass production for consumer use as  final developments are under progress. It is suggested that Samsung will out its first consumer product based on this display in Q1 of 2013.

Samsung is using plastic instead of glass which will make this display, unbreakable, flexible and lighter. In summers Samsung’s Youm display also came into reports which also suggests flexible AMOLED display. Later on some rumors were also reported that Samsung will use flexible display in Galaxy Note 2 but all went in vain. But don’t worry as now there are chances that Samsung will use Flexible Display in Samsung Galaxy S4, which is said to have Samsung’s Quad-Core Exynos 5450 Processor.

Now guys if you re thinking how Samsung will manufacture Flexible battery than you need not to worry as it has already developed Flexible battery.

What do you think? Are you excited about Samsung’s new flexible displays? Share your views via comments.


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