Screen Protector Reveals Galaxy S III’s Shape and Screen Size


Folks over at Unwire HK got a hold of a screen protector made in Korea for the upcoming Samsung GALAXY S III which reveals the shape of the upcoming flagship display. Folks at Unwire Hong Kong applied the USG screen protector on a GALAXY SII, HTC One X and on a GALAXY Nexus (as you see in the images below) examples in which we see that the screen protector is indeed manufactured for the next GALAXY smartphone otherwise would fit on any of them. You’ll notice the screen protector almost fits in perfectly with the width of the GS2 (means S3 may have 4.8 inch display), with only a little excess in the length. That should be relatively good news for those of you who didn’t want a gargantuan device in your hand.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to debut on May 3, when it will be unveiled in London.


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