Sony Revamping The Android Software For Xperia Devices


Sony is worrying about the decline in the sales of Xperia Devices. It seems that Sony have figured out the reason behind the decline in the Xperia sales. Its User Interface seems to have glitch with the user’s experience. So in order to rectify this issue Sony is creating new Android based software for revamping new look on their devices.

sony xperia z3 compact in hand

As per the website, the company is looking to revamp the Xperia UI and is currently running a beta test in Sweden. Sony’s website clearly states that it allows users to “Enjoy a new user experience” before adding that users will “receive a concept Sony Android software version, with a fresh take on the Sony user experience“.

As from the website notes, we assume that it is currently for Xperia Z3 users only, but later we can expect its rollout on present and future Xperia devices also. The beta period is expected to begin from the 27th of July and will run until the 13th of September.

If anyone want to sign up for beta program then sign up by clicking here.


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