Sony Xperia Z Launcher Running On Samsung Phones



Here are developers at work. Sony’s recently announced Xperia Z at CES 2013. Guys there even haven’t got it but Android workers have ripped Sony Xperia Z’s launcher and installed it on Samsung Phones. The phones on which it is running successfully are Samsung Galaxy S III, S II, Note II and Note and supports some custom AOSP roms.

Guy behind this rippping is Developer from XDA,  ThilinaC who have managed to port the launcher from an Xperia Z. Currently Launcher is not fully working but widgets and a number of goodies are reportedly working.

You can simply install it on your Samsung phone if  you have ClockworkMOD installed, so that you can flash the zip file. You can get the download from here, just place it on your SD card and install through CWM.

Source: XDA


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