T-Mobile UK Opened Pre-Order Of Samsung Galaxy S III


There are variety of sellers in UK to sell Samsung‘s Galaxy S III, Today T-Mobile also joined sellers club by opening pre-orders of device. Here are the plans: 2-year “Full Monty” plan which includes unlimited texts, data and T-mobile to T-Mobile calls along with 2000 minutes of calls to other networks. That comes out to a price of  £49.99 up-front and a monthly charge of £36 ($79 USD and $57 USD respectively). There are plans starting as low as £10.50 per month are also offered, albeit with a much heftier up-front fee of £300.

Vodafone has outed that it will have an exclusive on the 32GB version of the GSIII and is taking registrations from interested parties. Three will begin accepting pre-orders on May 4th, with “all-you-can-eat data” for £34 per month. Orange has yet to mention pricing and pre-order details, but has confirmed that it will carry the device.

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Source: T-Mobile UK


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