The Advantages Of Dual Sim Android Phones

After the introduction of dual-SIM phones, different device companies have also launched their own dual-SIM phones in different costs. The different models have made it hard for the consumers to choose which one to buy, since all of them seem to be serving their functions pretty well. True enough, this type of phone is advantageous for users that have connections from different networks. This goes especially for businessmen who do not want their personal lives interfering with their business lives. So instead of getting two phones, a dual-SIM phone is like a merged phone with a very useful feature. It also connotes enjoyment in using the different offers of the different network companies. Indeed, these phones have become phenomenal in the industry nowadays.

advantages dual sim

Samsung, one of the top electronic companies have produced the greatest features in their own dual-SIM phones. This says a lot regarding that their greatest competition is yet to release their own king of gadget. The Samsung Duos has various features that stunned the world and gave the consumers a wide variety of a choice. The Samsung Galaxy S Duos is about 4 inches and shares almost the same features with the ever popular smart phone, Samsung S3. Although Duos have lesser features internally, the 512 MB ram had made this phone exceptional. It also has 480×800 pixel resolution and serves the purpose of both entertainment (with Android 4.0 version) and technical matters. The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos also serves the same purpose but it is more age-friendly because it has QWERTY keyboard for easier texting. This phone has a front camera which gives its users the advantage to talk to the phone with video and thus has 832MHZ processor. This phone has also been one of the top-selling dual-SIM android phones because consumers just love its extra features.

As for Sony, which has also been one of the most popular device companies in the market, the Sony Xperia Tipo has been released to serve its users with entertainment and call purpose features. This phone has 3.15 MP rear camera and has an Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It supports GPS and has a capacitive touch screen.

HTC Desire V is also a dual-SIM phone released in 2012. This phone has the phenomenal features that HTC has been known for, especially the beats Audio sound. This phone has a 5mp primary camera with LED flash perfect for capturing memories. Its dual-SIM feature also never failed to serve its users.

These are just some of the popular phones that feature dual-SIM. These phones have indeed different features and are offered at different prices but are all worth it. In addition, you can always upgrade the phone’s android features so that you can have more fun with it, especially with the new games in Google Play store.

In this generation, there is indeed nothing that technology cannot do anymore. It still strives to give us the best and most convenient ways of living our lives. It has also made a great change in the industry of business and the world of Smartphones. The introduction of these phones has released a new idea that truly benefited the whole world. Did you know any more advantages of dual sim android phones ? Than share with us via the comment form below.

Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts.


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