Nokia Lumia 925 leaked in low-res press shot


We Don’t have¬† much specs for this leak but all we have is a few pictures by which we can predict what all is in there in this another hotshot Nokia Lumia 925 leak. Which according to us will be launched tomorrow as Nokia has scheduled a meet.

Nokia Lumia 925

On going through the pictures one comes to know that is a basic kinda windows phone with unto 4.5 inch wide screen . also we know that the 3.5 mm media/headphone jack is at the top center of the phone which is quite a very good location. also adding on we can have the charger slot at the left edge or at the bottom. expecting an HDMI output port it may be present at the right side as we don’t have any pic for that so we can just assume it.

Nokia Lumia 925

Just by having a look at the 2nd image we know that the volume rockers are well fabricated with metallic polish/surface. with having the lock/unlock/power button at the center of the right edge as seen in maximum windows phone. also the camera button adds to it to give on the go photographers an ease. by the pic we assume that the camera will be at the top and positioned center to the phone.

These pics were leaked on twitter by @evleaks.

To get more updates on Nokia Lumia 925 just stay tuned as we will have the secs very son.


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