Things you should know about Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker


Recently Chinese electronic giant, Xiaomi introduced its smart speakers called Mi AI Speaker in Berlin, China. Xiaomi’s Mi AI (Artificial Intelligence) Speaker offers lot of functionality for just $45. The price tag makes Mi AI Speaker more value for money product as compared to Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod. In this article, we are going to tell you everything about Xiaomi’s speaker.



Let’s start with design of new speaker. Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker looks more modern compared to Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot and Google Home. Its rectangular form factor and glowing blue ring (customizable) on the top makes it stylish. The speaker includes six microphones array to catch commands from any direction. The speaker runs on MIUI OS which is the variant of Android OS.


Like any other smart speakers, you can connect Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker with compatible products and control them. Personal assistant is also embedded in the speaker so you can ask weather information, traffic updates or questions. Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker can play music, audiobooks, podcasts, radio etc. for you. Also, It can read news for you. Xiaomi also inviting third party app developers to develop apps for Mi AI Speaker.

Availability & Pricing:

Xiaomi will launch its new speaker in its home country, China in August through a beat program where it will be available for only 1000 recruited users for beta test purpose. Based on data collection from these 1000 early users of the speaker, Xiaomi will refine its speaker and then it will be available for the Chinese market first. It will cost               299 Chinese Yuan or around $45. Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker costs $130 less than Amazon Echo. Hopefully Xiaomi will launch Mi AI Speaker in India as well.

Commercial of Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker:

Let us know in comment section what you think of Xiaomi’s AI based smart speaker. Are you planning to buy smart speaker for your home?

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