Tips For Better Music Experience on your Device


Are you having bad experience with Music on your Smartphone? Don’t worry Follow these Tips and make it perfect for yourself.

The Bit Rate:

If you’r mastering your own music, import your music at highest possible bit rate. Highest bit rate highest will be your music experience. For true music aficionados, FLAC format audio offers the best quality.

FLAC Player: 
If you’re matering using FLAC, you’ll an audio player that supports those files and less will Lossless file Formats.
Fine Tune The Sound:
All stereo systems come with a graphic Equalizer. Download Equalizer from Google Play and you’ll be able to fine tune your audio output, boost the bass, add some reverb and create presets.
Get A Bluetooth Speaker:
Jawbone’s Jambox is a portable, battery powered, speaker that connects via Bluetooth. For such a compact device incredibly loud, high fidelity sound accompanied by thumping base.
Spend on Headphones:
Throw away the bundles Headphones. you don’t have to spend a lot, an outlay of about $60 will net you a pair of great in-ear phones such as Sennheiser’s MM50’s whose quality is stunning.
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