Verizon Galaxy S4 Pre Orders Starts Tomorrow To Ship From May 30


Verizon has finally jumped in to Samsung Galaxy S4 availability race as they are starting Pre Orders from Tomorrow at starting price of $199 under two years contract. Until now Verizon was offering the Galaxy S4 pre orders via Premium retailers and best Buy.

galaxy s4

According to Verizon’s Press Release the device will be in stores starting on May 30. Now coming onto pricing, Verizon is offering 16GB device for $199 (with $50 mail in rebate which is already deducted). There’s no news about its 32 GB variant but if you want unlocked Galaxy S4 than you can buy it by shelling out $649.

Similarly, AT&T is also offering 16 GB S4 for $199 under two years contract. Well, its price on Sprint is $249 and T-Mobile is charging $149 for this new device.

According to recent news it seems that Sprint shipment has been delayed so now devices will ship little later. While all other carriers and retailers like Radioshack will ship at their announced dates.

To know announced dates and pricing of Galaxy S4 head over here.


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