A Wearable Display to Debut At CES 2014


Avegant recently announced that they have been working on a wearable type of display and they named it as Glyph. It will be making use of a virtual retina display which will be beaming right into your eyeballs and and thus you will have a image formed on the retina.


As the company says it is supposed to be light and consume quite less power. And they also announced that they will showing up the device in the upcoming event, the CES in 2014 in January.As evident from the images, it pretty much looks like the Headphones, but it you carefully look it has a visor on the top that can turned and the LED light would focus on your retina and you would have a  wonderful vivid image formed in your eyeball.

The device looks quite interesting, and also it has a pair of Headphones, and the audio range lies betweek 20Hz to about 20KHz.Also they out in a charge able battery in it, and the battery life would last about 3 hours. So you could enjoy a average movie without battery concerns.

The Glyph is still under work and is Open Source meaning that you would be able to use it with computers, consoles, Smartphones and also tablets. Though what would happen to the touchscreen feature in the tablets and smartphones then is still a mystery, but it would all clear up in the CES 2014.


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