2014 Smart Wearable’s First Quarter Dominated By Pebble

Samsung is Far behind Pebble In terms of Wearable's market share.


The first quarter of 2014 has been quite interesting so far in terms of wearable gadgets. The market for the wearable gadgets has been quite impressive, with many big companies stepping into it. And going by statistics by Canalys, 2.7 million smart-gear units were shipped in the first 3 months of 2014.

210514 Fitbit accounted for nearly half of global wearable band shipments in Q1 2014

Reports from the popular research firm Canalys tell us that Fitbit holds the majority market share at 50% and is predominant in the basic bands segment. Pebble is well ahead from all the competitors in the smart-gear section, accounting for a whooping 35%.

Big brands like Sony and Samsung are still struggling to gain a stronghold in the smart-gear section with them accounting for 29% and 23% shares respectively. The smart-wear section is quite a fuss these days, with many smartphone manufacturers stepping into the area. According to Canalys, these shares in the market are temporary numbers, as the smart-wear market share is bound to change frequently with new products coming out.

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