Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo & Gear fit: Specwise Comparison

Specs comparison Between Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, Galaxy Gear Fit.


Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear fit are the three new watches introduced by Samsung this year. The Gear 2 is IP67 certified with features Super AMOLED screen, 1.6-inch display with 320×320 pixel resolution, 1.0GHz dual- core processor, bluetooth, 4GB RAM, 3mAh battery, steel body design, camera gets minimal upgrade from 1.6 megapixel to even 2MP and its cost is$200. Samsung Gear 2 watch is comfortable to wear throughout the day as it is like a real watch. It is also certified with water and dust resistant.


The Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are really same watches only the difference is that Gear 2 Neo has no camera , lack of few advanced features, has plastic body design and also its cost is $199 less than Gear 2 $299. In Gear 2 you can transfer and store music on actual watch rather than stream it on your phone but also you can speak to Gear 2 just like Samsung Galaxy Gear. However, the storage space is limited in Gear 2.

Samsung Galaxy Gear fit consists of a curved display along with fitness band but it lacks the on-board music player as well as camera and phone apps too. The new Gear smartwatches run on Tizen unlike Android on its Predecessor.

You can choose any no of standard 20mm watch bands as replacement since there’s no camera or microphone built-in strap. The wrist strap is made of textured rubberized plastic which can be replaced with our regular watch band also, leather band.

Notifications are now much improved on Galaxy Gear 2 and still require swiping and trapping. New Galaxy gear watches are more reliable and support more apps than its maiden version. Moreover,you can also view history of notifications sorted by application and delete them all at once. Phone calls can be answered through your watch by using slider when a call comes in.  Green to answer and red to ignore but if you decline a call you can also have an option to send text message using list of presets.

However, to charge Gear 2 you need to clip-on plastic dongle which fastens over back of Gear 2 and lets you plug-in included micro USB charger.

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